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 'Should we train our imagination to allow 'Asia' to emerge as a continent?'
(Gayatri Spivak, 2008)

Other Asias is a transnational artists & writers platform that challenges contemporary navigations of "Asia" and the-world-at large via a collaborative curatorial practice.   Our organisation activates chains of exhibitions, film screenings, fictions, forums, interventions, performance, plays, walks and talks, historical revisions, reading circles, archives, taxonomies, political vocabularies, zines, public education and transnational circulation towards a post-West cultural horizon. 

Other Asias operates as open assemblage of artists, writers and designers - in a fluid space between an art movement, production company and creative think-tank .We seek to cultivate  alliances and counter-cartographies, opening up regions, potentialities, new configurations of memory, imagination and investigation.   We grew discontented with the ossification of official "cross-cultural" departments, institutionalised post-colonial studies and new internationalism,  embodied in the systematic mediocrity of the first Asian Arts Triennial (Manchester 2008). We sought an opposing space to the corporate/ NGO strategies of organisations like Asia House and the current superficial commercial booms of Eastern economies, bureaucratic state-sanctioned "celebrating diversity" initiatives. We were dismayed by the entrenched Eurocentrism of professional "critique" and artschool academia (in Europe and Asia).
 Before its formal organisation  Other Asias started as a conversation between friends on a bus that evolved in the Central Saint Martins library on Charing Cross road after a screening of Bangladeshi short films in East London. Its context was the plethora of regional survey shows from the dominant Asian economies, the crescendos around "crisis of Multiculturalism" in parliamentary rhethoric, the rise of Asian global power and decline of unipoplar West. Over time we collectively discussed bad "Human rights" arts, the shortcomings of BME public inclusion strategies and the NGOisation of third world subjects. We stole our name from a Gayatri Spivak book.
 Other Asias works as a grass roots networking organisation that aims to provide up-coming creatives a platform and portal for multi-poplar orbits of distribution and exchange. Every current is pregnant investigation, configuring a dynamic new team of visiting artists, curators, designers and thinkers from non-artworld disclipines - activating transformations across localities, communities and continents.
Other Asias is based in London (UK), Lahore (Pakistan) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) with a satellite network of links across the Asian continent. We are an independent, not-for-profit arts organisation, mostly run by an open collective of volunteers.




Redo Pakistan London 2010 (Ongoing)


















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Upcoming Events

DIY Cultures 2015: Zines, Comics & Alternatives

Sunday 24th May 2015, London Rich Mix

A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibitions, workshops - the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives.

This year alongside the main festival there will be a programme of events and a special 3 week exhibition, #DIYJustice, which will take place in the Cafe Gallery from 22nd May to 12th June, produced and curated by Hamja Ahsan & Helena Wee of Other Asias, and Sofia Niazi of OOMK Zine. 

For all programme updates see www.diycultures.tumblr.com

Twitter: @diyculturesfair #DIYCultures2015
Facebook: /DIYCultures


Recent UK Events

Asia Elects: An Exhibition of performance, film, photography and propaganda design

Thursday 3rd -Sunday 6th October 2013

Curated by Helena Wee and Fuad Ali, with Hamja Ahsan

For a full programme of events CLICK HERE

URL: www.asiaelects.tumblr.com

Twitter: #AsiaElects @OtherAsias

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Sunday 7th April 2013

12pm - 7pm

DIY Cultures : Zine, Artists Books, Comics, Small press, Underground, Alternative spaces
Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London, UK

A day curated by Hamja Ahsan & Sowfia Niazi (Walrus Zines / OOMK ) & Helena Wee

email: info@otherasias.com

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Full Programme of Talks & Events here

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Duriana Climate Delegation


A political art intervention chronicling the Asian Republic of Duriana's adventures at international climate change negotiations.
Highlighting the roles race, coloniality and the politics of knowledge production


The Subcontinent


At the 309th meeting on 10th August 1947, the UN Security Council decided to invite a representative from the Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League to participate with vote in the discussion of the subcontinent. Online News System -

Active current DEVELOPMENTIA


SLICE Art Exchange (Lahore/London) online  here